Work is underway for the third Whote release, completing the recording cycle for the decade.



Where Moons presented a range of dismal to dream-like atmospheres and Align inaugurated the project with expedient distortion, the next record is building itself with long-form and densely-layered tracks structured with doom-influenced bass, blackened guitar riffs and new and unfamiliar found sounds. Partially recorded at BC Studios in Brooklyn, the album is arranged into three parts or “meditations” -- each averaging about 20 minutes in length. Whereas the previous two records were written to fit the narrow confines of LP, little consideration is being put towards physical format this time.VVIII (as it is currently being referred to) is three years in the making, starting with the acoustic guitar and folk harp recordings from Iceland in October 2016 to the session at BC Studios in 2017 to the final tracking and mixing that is taking place this year. Vexation and Venom is perhaps the best example of where this project is going and can be heard on the sounds page in the navigation bar. Above is some footage taken when recording the guitars this past August.

Since starting Whote (White Hour of the End) in 2010, I have sought to present this project across a spectrum of mediums via screen print, vinyl, the Black Box endeavor, patches, badges -- to name a few. At this time, I want to provide a live experience more than anything else so the focus has shifted for any possible future based on what can be realized in a performance setting. The backline has grown, the approach to writing has matured and I want to give our far-reaching audience the show they have come to imagine and expect.

Expect further news as the year marches on.