Format: LP/CD | Catalog: VII-1401-LP

Moons was released over a period of time starting with the debut of the HD video on Halloween 2013 to the screenprinted CD box in 2014 and concluding with the release of the LP early in 2015. A dismal contrast of atmospheric field recordings against minimal doom-inspired rhythms, made for one of the most attractive releases of its genre.

Vinyl: 100 pressed on silver, 150 on black. Hand-numbered.
Comes with 12" x 12" screenprint on black paper audio disc with several alternate takes.



Format: LP | Catalog: VII-1001-LP | UPC: 879198006008

The inaugural release can be described as a dense mirage of guitar textures, performed with a distorted and minimal cadence to deliver Watkiss' most cryptic work to date. Eight tracks of punishing and swift drone metal, closing with a lengthy and meditative synth outro.

Vinyl: 100 pressed on splatter white/blue/gray, 150 on opaque white.
"Birds" screenprint on black innersleeve (Europe only-sold out). Comes with 1" badge when ordered from BandCamp.